Student Stories; Write yours in the CEE department

Community: Rishi Jarmarwalla
Rishi has been very active in student organizations and he recommends them as a great way to meet other students. 

Research: Zach Stecher & Javier Langarica
Zach and Javier discuss their engineering research experiences, and Zach highlights his work in the high bay lab with CEE Professor Pedro Silva.

CEE Experiences: Emily Porter 

 Emily recalls the factors she considered when selecting a college and all the great experiences she had as a student in the CEE department.



madison healy Eric Prokop louise lu
Madison Haley
Madison was active with the GW chapter of Engineers Without Borders and participated in the chapter’s project in India, among many other activities.



Eric Prokop
Eric transferred into civil engineering from geography during his sophomore year. He flourished in the department and went on to do graduate study at Stanford University.



Louise Lu

Louise recalls her internship, study abroad experience, and research opportunities, but also appreciates the CEE professors and students, and the family feel of the department.




The CEE Experience

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