Newly-discovered mineral named in honor of Prof. Russell Hemley

A new paper published in Scientific Reports reports the discovery and characterization of a new iron-rich high-pressure mineral named for Russell J. Hemley in recognition of his distinguished contributions to high-pressure research and mineral physics.

Dr. Hemley awarded $1.6 million NSF grant

Dr. Hemley has been awarded a five-year, $1.6 million National Science Foundation grant to support operations of the Frontier Infrared Spectroscopy (FIS) synchrotron beamline.

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ASCE Virginias Student Conference

On March 31-April 2, fourteen schools from West Virginia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia traveled to George Washington University's campus to participate in the annual Virginia's Student Conference and Competitions.

New Professor

Dr. Arzhang Angoshtari joins CEE as an assistant professor

Arzhang Angoshtari joined SEAS on March 1, as an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.