GW's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) is a small community of faculty and students who work together to explore solutions that will help: improve access across the globe to clean water; design intelligent transportation systems and alleviate traffic congestion; improve the crash-worthiness of cars, including electric vehicles; and design bridges that are more earthquake-resistant. An introduction to the department is available on the CEE Quick Facts page.

Our Programs

CEE offers students a number of ways to craft their academic programs to meet special career interests. The department offers a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering with a number of options; a five-year bachelor’s/master’s degree; master’s, doctoral, and professional degree programs in civil engineering; and several graduate certificate programs.

Our Research

CEE faculty and students conduct research programs in structural, geotechnical, and earthquake engineering; environmental engineering; transportation engineering; and materials. Visit our research pages to learn more about our research programs and current projects.