Dr. Li has received a two-year, $44,826 grant

Dr. Li has received a two-year, $44,826 grant for a collaborative proposal to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation titled “Extreme Physics and Chemistry of Carbon: Forms, Transformations and Movements in Planetary Interiors.”

Dr. Li publishes paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry

Dr. Li published the following paper: “Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation Controlled by the Coupling of Surface Crystallinity and Surface Hydrophilicity,” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Dr. Farhadi presents at USDA Conference

Prof. Leila Farhadi (CEE) gave an invited talk at the USDA Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory in Beltsville , MD on Thursday, October 15. Her topic was “Uncertainty Quatification in Land Surface Hydrological Modeling.”

Features & Announcements

CEE Thomas Hunt

CEE Senior’s Summer Intern Experience Profiled in GW Today article

Nearly eight years ago, George Washington University rising senior Thompson Hunt built a 3-foot tall replica of the famed Sears Tower—now Willis Tower—out of thousands of Legos.


American Concrete Institute Fall Convention

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) Convention Committee invites GW students to participate in the ACI Fall convention

Hamdar CNN

Professor Hamdar Featured on CNN

On Wednesday January the 29th, Professor Hamdar was interviewed by Mr. Brian Todd on CNN. Professor Hamdar gave his insights on the Atlanta Traffic Breakdown.