President LeBlanc visits first indoor bridge constructed at GW

High bay
November 16, 2017

GW President Thomas LeBlanc, accompanied by Provost Forrest Maltzman, Dean David Dolling, and CEE Department Chair Majid Manzari, visited GW’s high bay facility on November 16 to see the load testing in progress on GW’s first indoor bridge.  The bridge panel, which Dr. Sameh Badie and his research team have built in the high bay, uses an innovative design that greatly exceeds current national bridge construction specifications and should decrease both construction time and costs.

The bridge is approximately 40 feet long and is made of a 24-inch-deep steel beam that is compositely connected to a four-foot wide precast concrete deck.  It will undergo extensive rounds of testing in the high bay. The first round, which Dr. Badie’s team has begun, subjects the bridge to four million cycles of repeated load to simulate traffic.

The test is conducted under the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 12-96 project, which is sponsored by the National Academy of Science.

During the tour of the facility, President LeBlanc was introduced to the features of the high bay and the bridge.  He also met with CEE undergraduates Khaled Elfadal and Hannah Gaudet, who helped Dr. Badie construct the bridge.  The president was impressed with the scale of the test and thanked the research team for their hard work.

Watch the construction of the bridge: