GW’s EWB chapter makes assessment trip in India

February 20, 2020

EWB Students Working in India

The Engineers Without Borders Udaipur Water Management Project team is working in conjunction with the rural community of Bhutiya in Rajasthan, India, to combat climate change-driven water scarcity, over-exploitation of groundwater resources, and poor water management. The GW chapter’s second assessment trip, conducted in January 2020, served to solidify the project scope and select a site for construction. This student-led project aims to collaboratively design and implement a water management project in Bhutiya that is to be owned and maintained by the community. The project focuses on developing an anicut structure (a dam no higher than three meters) coupled with a percolation pond and trenches to promote groundwater recharge, efficiently manage water resources, and provide a water source for irrigation. The next phase of this project involves investigation into, and design of, a three-part integrated solution for planned implementation in January 2021.