Geo-environmental Engineering Graduate Certificate Program

This certificate program is designed to provide the necessary background for civil engineers to practice in the field of geo-environmental engineering. The program will offer an in-depth understanding of the following issues that a geo-environmental engineer may encounter in practice.

To obtain the certificate, the student must complete a total of four courses, including three required courses and one elective course:

Course Program

Geo-environmental Engineering:
Fundamentals of Soil Behavior (CE 6401)
Special Topics: Containment Systems for Waste Disposal and Remediation Systems for Subsurface Contamination (CE 6800)
Introduction to Hazardous Waste (CE 6509)
One elective course

List of Elective Courses

Environmental Chemistry (CE 6501)
Water and wastewater treatment process (CE 6504)
Advanced Treatment Processes (CE 6507)
Groundwater and Seepage (CE 6605)
Pollution Transport Systems (CE 6610)

For information on the program’s admissions requirements and contact information, please visit the GW Graduate and Professional Programs site.