Dr. Russell Hemley published an article in the Physical Review B

July 23, 2017

Dr. Russell Hemley and his colleagues have published the following article: R. Vadapoo, M. Ahart, M. Somayazulu, N. Holtgrewe, Y. Meng, Z. Konopkova, R. J. Hemley,and R. E. Cohen. “Synthesis of a polar ordered oxynitride perovskite,” Physical Review B (2017). The article describes the successful high-pressure synthesis of a novel ferroelectric material that had been predicted by theoretical calculations. The work was funded in part by the Capital/DOE Alliance Center (CDAC) that is now being run from GW, and the second and third authors—Muhtar Ahart and Maddury Somayazulu—are CDAC Research Scientists who will be joining GW this year.