Dr. Hamdar participated in the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

January 08, 2017

Dr. Samer Hamdar and the GW transportation research group participated in the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, held January 8-12 in Washington, DC. The group presented two conference papers at the meeting: A. H. L. Hassan, J. P. Schorr, S. H. Hamdar, and S. Arhin. “Structural Equation Modeling: Application to Pedestrian Safety in Washington, D.C., and Exploration of the Impact of Variable Scaling Procedures;” and 2) E. Aguilar, C. Silverstein, S. H. Hamdar, and D. Broniatowski. “Impact of Transit Ridership and Weather Conditions on Flu Propagation: Exploratory Analysis.” This paper was written in collaboration with Dr. David Broniatwoski (EMSE).  In addition, Dr. Hamdar presided over the meeting’s “Traffic Flow Modeling for Connected and Automated Vehicles” Sub-committee as the subcommittee chair.  At the “Emerging Needs for Improving Simulation Models in the Immediate, Intermediate, and Long-Term Horizons” workshop, Prof. Hamdar gave an invited presentation titled “Capturing the Impact of Exogenous Factors on Freeway Performance in the Connected Driving Environment: From Data Analysis to Exploratory Modeling.”  His students Pan Dong and Claire Silverstein supported his work on the presentation.  He also organized the “Active Transportation Operation and Demand Management in Connected and Automated Traffic Systems: Data Collection and Analytics, Modeling, and Control” workshop, where he gave the invited presentation “Application of ATDM Tools for Tactical and Strategic Decision-making for Operations: A Research Approach.” He worked on this in cooperation with the Battelle research team—with whom GW has a subcontract for a USDOT project—and his students Pan Dong and Amir Farrahi.