Dr. Hamdar granted a five-year $400K NSF CAREER Award

January 31, 2014

Dr. Samer Hamdar has been granted a five-year, $400,998 NSF CAREER Award for his proposal CAREER: Collision Prediction and Vehicular Control Using an Episode-Based Modeling Framework. The goal of Prof. Hamdar's project is to predict freeway vehicle-to-vehicle collisions in terms of frequency and type and to specify the pre-collision and post-collision maneuvers that improve traffic mobility and safety. Towards this goal, a hazard-based driving behavioral model is formulated and calibrated using a driving simulator, an instrumented vehicle, and a 3-D driving challenge space.  High-school and university students will participate in the data collection efforts of this work, which will contribute to providing a safer driving environment especially for younger drivers. 

Traffic and Network Research Laboratory (TNRL) Research team – Summer 2012


Stop and Go Waves Illustrated on a Time-Space Velocity Diagram

Instrumented Vehicle 3-D Visualization