Dr. Badie receives new research project from the National Academy of Science

January 27, 2014

Dr. Badie, an Associate Professor at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department has received a new research project from the National Academy of Science, NCHRP 12-96: Simplified Full-Depth Precast Concrete Deck Panel Systems. The project is sponsored by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program. The objective of this research is to develop recommended guidelines and proposed AASHTO LRFD Specification language for the design, fabrication, and construction of transverse full-depth precast concrete deck panel systems that simplify the connection between the deck panel and beam.  The developed systems, which represent the third generation of full-depth precast concrete bridge deck systems, will consider constructability, inspection during construction, reducing the impact of construction on traffic, and future deck replacement.  The project involves analytical and experimental activities to validate the developed systems.  Dr. Badie was deeply involved in developing the first and second generations of this type of construction through two national projects NCHRP 12-41 and NCHRP 12-65, respectively.