CEE Student Experience at GW

Students Experience

Civil and environmental engineering at GW offers students a number of ways to craft their academic programs to meet special career interests. These opportunities arise from the broad range of excellent non-engineering programs at this full-discipline university.
At GW, civil and environmental engineering students can combine their study of engineering with work in such fields as law, medicine, business, education, the liberal arts, and international affairs. For example, GW offers superior resources for those seeking to work in the international technical engineering and business environment.

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area is an excellent environmental engineering location. It is home to some of the most outstanding research and development facilities in the nation. Among conveniently accessible resources for GW's civil and environmental engineering students are:

The GW Career Center helps our graduates find positions to fulfill their career aspirations. Despite recent weak job markets in other fields, engineers remain in great demand. Starting salaries for graduates holding the B.S. have long exceeded those for other disciplines by a strong margin.